Easter Celebrations from Across the World

For many cultures and groups across the world, the Easter period is filled with significant celebrations, cultural practices, and get-togethers with family and friends. This time marks a period of rest, reflection, or celebration, depending on where you are from.

 Easter is generally celebrated between the months of March and April, and the exact dates change each year. In 2022, Easter weekend takes place between the 15th and 18th of April. Easter is an important holiday for the Christian faith, with many different Christian Churches honouring this period with religious services, events, fasting, and more.

 How Do People Celebrate Easter in Different Countries?

 Across the world, people have different ways of celebrating this festive period and showing good cheer. These range from formal religious ceremonies, to more informal celebrations hosted individually. Here’s how some areas around the globe celebrate Easter:

 On the British island of Bermuda, Easter is associated with kites and flying highly decorated kites. Things get more explosive elsewhere, and firework displays are a central celebration focus in Italy, with celebrations in Florence relying on a cart filled with fireworks as an important symbol of the holiday.

 In Corfu, Greece, participants celebrate by throwing vases and containers filled with water, tossing them out the window to be smashed on the street. This is believed to welcome in the Spring season.

 Easter egg hunts are a common Easter tradition celebrated by many Western communities, including the United States of America, The United Kingdom, Austria, France, and more.

 Why are Eggs associated with Easter?

 For many western countries and beyond, eggs are a common symbol of Easter and Easter celebrations, but where did this start, and why are eggs associated with Easter?

 Eggs have carried important symbolism and meaning for many centuries, with a connotation with fertility and rebirth that can be traced back to pre-modern and pre-Christian periods. The tradition of dying and decorating eggs, particularly chicken eggs, is ancient, and the practice has roots in Eastern Orthodox and Western Churches since the middle ages. 

 One of the many theories about the background of eggs reports that some churches banned the consumption of eggs during holy week, and that the eggs that the hens laid were therefore decorated, rather than consumed as per the normal practice. 

 Bartlet Eggs would like to wish everyone who celebrates a wonderful Easter season!

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