Uses for egg yolk

  1. Custard

There are several difficulties to be aware of while making your own custard, although it can be simple. Whisk continuously as you slowly pour the hot cream and milk over the yolks, cornflower, sugar, and vanilla extract to disperse the heat and prevent the yolks from frying. It should be simple to make the custard once it is placed back in the pan. Just keep it over a moderate heat while stirring slowly.


  1. Ice cream

There are more variations of vanilla ice cream than you may imagine! It only requires five basic ingredients to create such a luxurious, rich, creamy, and delicious ice cream. To make this ice cream, you will need these ingredients: Egg yolks, Sugar, Whole Milk, Heavy Cream and Vanilla Extract.


  1. Carbonara

Even though whole eggs are frequently used in classic Italian dishes, using just the yolk will make your carbonara sauce richer, glossier, and less likely to be rough. The classic method calls for whisking the yolks with Parmesan cheese, plenty of pepper, and, if desired, a little cream before adding them to the heated pasta and gently swirling to coat it without scrambling the eggs.


  1. Mayonnaise

An oil-in-water mixture is mayonnaise (egg yolks being half water). Any recipe will tell you that it’s crucial to add the oil very gradually while beating well in between additions in order to prevent overstimulating the yolk and causing the mixture to curdle. Few cooking experiences are more depressing than looking at a bowl of oily ribbons after ten minutes of diligent whisking. Two egg yolks, a tablespoon of Dijon mustard, a teaspoon of salt, and some pepper should be added to a large mixing bowl that has been placed on a moist tea towel to provide a solid base. Check the seasoning after adding a tablespoon of white wine vinegar to the mixture.


  1. Binding substance

When it comes to holding nicely in meatball or burger shapes, mince may occasionally be stubborn. Even one egg yolk will make a significant difference without changing the final flavour.


  1. Enriched pastries and dough

Egg yolks may provide a variety of dough and pastry recipes depth and richness. To emphasize their rich, caramelized flavour, toffee apple cookies contain two yolks. Egg whites are not used for making doughnuts since the firm dough must maintain its shape when immediately fried. To finish off your bake, use egg yolks as a classic glazing agent on sweet breads like brioche and puff pastry pies. You can also simply use the yolks in shortcrust pastry.


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